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The Legacy Foundation helps the Club move on

Posted on 23rd Aug 2017 18:16:19 in News

SIERRA VISTA — Every year the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona funds Innovation Grants for projects that are in line with the foundation’s mission. These grant proposals must engage innovative ideas that address how to best revolutionize solutions to the organization’s issues that may be affecting the community.

Earlier this year, the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona awarded the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista the Innovative Grant, which allowed the club to purchase a new 15-passenger van for its members. The grant also provided funds for the van to be wrapped in the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista’s logo, as well as van fuel for the year. This grant directly impacts the Club’s sports, fitness and recreation and healthy lifestyles programs, as they strive to promote physical fitness, positive use of leisure time and promote healthy behaviors.

“The Legacy Foundation is proud to support the Boys & Girls Club and assist with the purchase of the van, which will enhance the services provided by the club,” said Margaret Hepburn, CEO of the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona. ”Our children are our future and the work of the Boys & Girls club helps ensure a strong foundation for our youth.”

Throughout the school year, members have the opportunity to head to the Cove, various parks around town, visit restaurants for the teen program “Be a Chef” and take many other field trips. With after school and summer membership quickly growing, the costs of taking other modes of transportation to these locations were also on the rise. These increasing costs, threatened to reduce the number the field trips taken throughout the year, in order to continue to keep membership costs low for families.

“This van gives the club a cost-effective opportunity to expand and enhance its programming. We will be looking offer more experiences for our youth that range from sports & fitness activities to college tours. We can’t thank the Legacy Foundation enough for investing in our community’s youth.” Jay Hamwright, chief professional officer of the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista.

The purchase of a new vehicle means that the club can travel to other facilities around town that offer opportunities the clubhouse does not. This provides more experiences to more youth throughout the school year, as opposed to only during the summer and school breaks. Since living a healthy lifestyle is one of the club’s three priority outcomes, being able to provide transportation to sports and fitness activities outside of the club, plays a vital role in giving the youth a great future. The addition of a new van allows the club to serve more youth, while keeping costs low for families and making this program sustainable for years to come.

“The van perfectly describes what the club is like! There is a kid playing sports and with a diploma and the clubs has sports and helps with education,” said Kaylee, 10-year club member. “My favorite thing to do at the club is the projects in the art room!”

Overall, this grant has helped the club change how it delivers its mission to the community’s youth for the better, while fulfilling the Legacy Foundation’s mission: Promoting population health and community wellness throughout Southeast Arizona. The grant makes this program successful and aids in delivering physical education programs that change the lives of the youth in our community.