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Promotion/Campaign with OLIVE GARDEN

Posted on 25th Sep 2014 01:46:23 in News

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The Round Up 4 BGCA campaign will run from September 22 – November 9, 2014.

Fundraising goal is $1.5 million.  50% of funds raised will go to Club Organizations in their markets (matched based on proximity).  50% will go to support the work of BGCA

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Wild to Mild Water Harvesting "Open Houses"

Posted on 8th Jul 2014 22:10:37 in News


Mild to Wild Flyer

The Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista is a pretty cool place. It is the first commercial building in Sierra Vista to not only preserve groundwater supplies, but ADDS water by using rainwater to flush toilets. How does it add water to the groundwater supply? Just like most other wastewater in Sierra Vista, the flushed rainwater from the Club goes to Sierra Vista’s Environmental Operations Park (EOP) for processing. At the EOP (located on Hwy 90 close to the San Pedro River), the wastewater is cleaned so well that it is recharged into the ground creating an underground “mound of water.” This mound of water slowly moves underground towards the San Pedro River eventually adding to the flow in the river.


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Radiothon 2014

Posted on 14th Apr 2014 06:05:33 in Events, News

Radiothon 2014On behalf of the Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista, I would like to sincerely thank you for the sponsorships and contributions you provided for first annual Radiothon held on February 28th, 2014. Thanks to your generous support, we were able to raise money for It Just Takes One, our annual campaign to make a lasting difference in the lives of the kids at the Boys and Girls Club.


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Boys & Girls Club shaping a new future

Posted on 22nd Dec 2013 22:59:37 in News

Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista Executive Director Jarrett Croft and Deanna Coffman, club board president, speak about the need to renovate the facility to better accommodate the children.While the space of the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista is 12,000 square feet, it is a warren of rooms and hallways which is not conducive to serving the children, said Jarrett Croft, the club’s executive director. But, it doesn’t mean changes cannot be made to make it better and that’s what he envisions.

“The structure we have is pushing our limits,” he said during interviews last week. But interior modifications can be made to make the space more open to better serve the children, Croft said, adding that does not mean there will not be specialized rooms.


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Funds from Festival of Trees to build out library

Posted on 19th Dec 2013 23:02:48 in News

The Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista receives a check from the Festival of Trees at The Mall at Sierra Vista on Thursday. The first charity check from the revised Festival of Trees was presented to the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista Thursday afternoon. The club was selected by a committee based on an application process in which the organization was seeking $5,000 for a library in the local facility. Thursday, a $5,000 check was presented by Dr. Dean French, the recently namedCEO of the Sierra Vista Regional Health Center, to the club’s Executive Director, Jarrett Croft, in front of a large Christmas tree in the Mall at Sierra Vista.

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Bisbee 1000 helps fund local organizations

Posted on 17th Nov 2011 22:46:06 in News

Bisbee, AZEach year since its inception 21 years ago, the Bisbee 1000 Great Stair Climb has managed to raise enough money to spread around the local community. Thursday, $10,000 was presented to a number of organizations by Cynthia Conroy, the Bisbee 1000 founder, and some its board members Lizann Michaud, Stephanie Peavey and Bonnie Finklea. This was money raised from the sale of raffle tickets, explained Conroy. Each organization that sold tickets received not only the money raised through sales, but a matching sum from the Bisbee 1000.

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