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Boys & Girls members attend State Keystone Conference

Posted on 18th Nov 2016 19:17:49 in Events, News

Sierra Vista’s Boys & Girls Club members attended the annual State Keystone Conference held at Camp Sky-Y in Prescott on Nov. 4-6. It was a chance for teens to collaborate with fellow club members from 30 Boys & Girls Clubs across the state.

The Keystone Club is a unique leadership development experience that provides opportunities for members ages 14 to 18 to participate in activities in four focus areas: academic success, teen outreach, career preparation and community service.

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Making a difference in young lives

Posted on 18th Nov 2016 19:14:18 in News, Careers

Since opening its doors in June 1996, the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista has been providing young people with guidance, support and inspiration in a fun, interactive environment.

Leading the Club’s operations are Jay Hamwright, the organization’s chief professional officer, along with his right hand man, Detric Miles, club director.  

Both were members of the B&G Club of Sierra Vista themselves while growing up and both were hired by the club in 2007, where they have served in different positions.  

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Posted on 7th Oct 2016 18:02:02 in Events, News

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Day for Kids celebrates kids, teens in the community

Posted on 6th Oct 2016 23:52:40 in News

Day for Kids is a national initiative that invites you to join the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista in making a difference for kids in our community. For more than a decade, adults have participated in Day for Kids events to advocate for youth and celebrate the life-changing work taking place at the BGCSV. Day for Kids is a day to bring to light the critical needs of children and call on adults to take action in support of the community’s youth.

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Staff and teens battle it out at #WeOwnFriday teen night

Posted on 6th Oct 2016 23:49:14 in News

#WeOwnFriday is part of a Boys & Girls Club initiative to attract teens around the community to hang out in a safe and positive environment. Teens face alarming trends and given how much support our teens need, 2016 has been designated as the Year of the Teen by the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Through these teen nights, the BGCSV gives teens a space that provides them with a break from the pressures of school, family responsibilities or the danger of the streets. With the collaboration of other clubs in the community, like the Boys & Girls Club of Bisbee, together they can serve more teens and give them a place to have positive interactions with friends.

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Boys & Girls Club makes time for families

Posted on 6th Oct 2016 23:43:10 in News

Need different ways to spend more time with your family? The Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista (BGCSV) does just that with Family Game Night.

Once a month, the BGCSV holds family events as a way to partner with parents and ensure the positive development of their children through programming, resources and support. The club is fully aware of the struggles families face and their goal is to help alleviate those stressors by hosting events for families to participate in. These events give families ones less meal to worry about and they are able to engage in activities that promote healthy family relationships.

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Teens kick off school year with #WeOwnFriday

Posted on 6th Oct 2016 23:37:17 in News

On Aug. 12, the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista hosted its first #WeOwnFriday event of the school year for teen members.

Every month, since August 2015, these themed events have been held to attract teens around the community to hang out in a safe and positive environment. Teen nights are open to all teens in the community and it gives them the opportunity to meet new friends, socialize with other clubs in the community and enjoy food, fun and games.  

“Our first #WeOwnFriday of the school year was a big success,” said Detric Miles, Clubhouse Director. “Our teens enjoyed a night with their friends, good food and fun. We are definitely looking forward to the rest of the year.”

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Boys & Girls Club hosts back to school bash

Posted on 6th Oct 2016 23:29:16 in News

The Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista (BGCSV) had a day full of fun on Friday to celebrate the start of a new school year, kicking off the after-school program that allows members to enjoy time with their peers through various carnival themed games.

These back to school events give families resources and activities to prepare them for a productive school year, which builds on good attendance, academic success and graduation rates.   

“It was an exciting event to start the school year in a positive direction,” said Detric Miles, Clubhouse Director. “Members had a blast as they played games and had snacks. It was also great to be able to give out school supplies to members in need. It is events like this that we always look forward to.”

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Summer ends with a bang for Boys & Girls Club

Posted on 6th Oct 2016 23:23:37 in News

The Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista (BGCSV) had a week full of fun to end the summer program for all of its members. The last week of the summer program was about rewarding members and recognizing them for their attendance, high participation in daily programs and helping others throughout the summer.

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Learning a Career

Posted on 6th Oct 2016 23:17:09 in Events, News

Junior Staff program helps teens learn about careers

Summer has come to an end at the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista, and teens entering high school have completed yet another successful summer in the Junior Staff program, which aims to help get them ready for career success and develop a strong sense of civic responsibility and a lifelong commitment to serving others.


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