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Boys & Girls Club makes time for families

Posted on 6th Oct 2016 23:43:10 in News

Sep 5, 2016

Need different ways to spend more time with your family? The Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista (BGCSV) does just that with Family Game Night.

Once a month, the BGCSV holds family events as a way to partner with parents and ensure the positive development of their children through programming, resources and support. The club is fully aware of the struggles families face and their goal is to help alleviate those stressors by hosting events for families to participate in. These events give families ones less meal to worry about and they are able to engage in activities that promote healthy family relationships.

“Family Game Night was a great event for members to spend time with their families,” said clubhouse director Detric Miles. “With life demands, sometimes it’s difficult for families to get together. For the Club to provide that for its’ members is something very special.”

The night consisted of families playing various board games and enjoying hot dogs for dinner. All members of the family participated in Hedbanz, Googley Eyes, Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land and card games. Members and their families had friendly competitions as they mastered new skills and concepts.

“Bringing families together to spend quality time is a joy of ours,” said Jay Hamwright, Chief Professional Officer. “Thanks to the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona’s grant, we will be able to host monthly family events for the remainder of the school year.”

To get your children involved in the Boys & Girls Club call 520-515-1511 or visit