Support the Club: Foundations


Our beloved Clubhouse now allows us to accommodate and serve over 600 youth each year with 120+ average daily attendance. 12,300 square foot facility with a technology lab, multi-purpose room, art room, game room, activity room, teen room, primary grade room, kitchen, outdoor picnic and play area, and executive offices.

Club's Performance

The Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista strives to make every grant and donation count. Following is a list of some grants received by the Boys and Girls Club of Sierra Vista, since 2010, and how these donations contributed to the cause:

Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation Making Dreams Kitchen - The kitchen remodel was made possible through the financial support of Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation.

Cox Charities grant toward the club's Education Through the Arts Program, which is used to revitalize and expand the club's art education program.

Sierra Vista Sunrise Rotary contributed towards building new storage shelves and cabinets for the club's art room, blue room and teen room.

The Phoenix Suns Charities provided two grants for the Triple Play Program and another for the S.M.A.R.T. Moves program.

The Tucson Conquistadores gave a grant for the Summer Fitness Program, a component of the Summer Day Camp Program.

The Huachucans also gave a grant for the Summer Fitness Program. In the past the club also received a grant from The Huachucans and a grant Tucson Conquistadores for the Backyard Project.

A grant from the Arizona Department of Commerce was provided to install the club's solar panel system. SSVEC also gave a rebate towards the solar panel project's cost.

Multiple annual grants awarded to participate in the Boys & Girls Clubs National Mentoring Programs project funded through the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Office of Justice Programs, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

A First Bloom Grant to partner with the Coronado National Memorial to run the program, where members in the fourth through sixth grade were engaged in regular outdoor, hands-on activities in order to grow as people and learn how to design and plant a native garden in a national park.

Projected Impact

While the space of the Boys & Girls Club of Sierra Vista is 12,000+ square feet, it is a warren of rooms and hallways which is not conducive to serving the children. The structure we have is pushing our limits. Some of the most notable plans and projections include the following:

Knocking down non-load baring walls to create a more open atmosphere for the club. Parents, or guardians, who visit the clubhouse should be able to see their child engage in activities and an open floor plan will do that.

To develop fundraising and to be more successful at that so that we can continue to fulfill the mission of the club and expand our outreach and lower our member costs.

The object is to prepare them for academic success, to build good character, to be successful citizens and to have a healthy lifestyle, he said. Youth of the Year Program like other clubs, noting Arizona has had a number of national winners. Another plan is to start a sports program; space for athletic fields on the current property is non-existent. Another dream is to build gym on a piece of unused land which abuts the facility.

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